• Please place money in an envelope in visible site at the start of the date.

• If you get an urgent call or if you have to leave early from our date, I cannot refund you the balance or make a recalculation

• I require 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly.

• A shower before our meeting is necessary

• I reserve the right to search a room where we are meeting. If any recording equipment is discovered, the meeting will be cancelled immediately and no refund will be provided don’t do it.

• For bookings from 3 hours dinner, lunch or breakfast is required. Time out in public is essential (and believe me, once you meet me, you’ll want to show me off).

• Given my busy and versatile lifestyle and schedule, same day appointments are not impossible, but highly improbable. It’s best to plan in advance. I am not an impulsive decision but rather a well thought out plan.